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PGA Professional Barry Smith

Barry has been a professional at Downfield for over 8 years now, and became head professional in June 2013. Throughout his time here, he has developed into an easily approachable, confident and knowledgeable golf coach. He endeavours to make sure that his clients enjoy their sessions and leave with a clear idea of what they need to do to get better. His enthusiasm for the game and desire to help people improve has helped him to teach a broad range of students from complete beginner to aspiring tournament professionals.

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Assistant Professional - Angus Cappi

Joined the Downfield Pro-Shop team in April 2018.

Career Highlights- Winning the Scottish youths in 2009

Approachable and friendly. Angus enjoys learning and helping others to reach their goals in the game of golf.

Teaching Philosophy- "Sound Fundamentals are crucial for the building blocks of any golf swing. Every golfer is unique. Not one swing is the same. I believe working with the person, giving honest and specific feedback is essential for them not only to improve but so they have a better understanding of their golf swing as well."

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Shop Services

“90% of amateurs use golf clubs that do not suit their game” Nick Faldo

At Downfield we stock a range of golf brands, each of whom offer us ‘custom fitting days’. These days are a great opportunity to get yourself fitted with clubs suited to your game. You will be fitted by professional golf equipment technologists, using the latest ball flight analysis software – guaranteed to provide you with the best opportunity of improving your game.

Club Repairs

Whether it’s a broken shaft or the re-spiking of shoes, Barry has all of the tools and knowledge to carry out any club repair, we can carry out the following repairs:

Replacement of broken shafts

Club re-gripping

Shortening / lengthening of steel shafts

Lengthening of graphite shafts

Re-glue of loose club heads

Shoe re-studding